Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/11 - Call On The Community of Saints

You should always have some good devout book at hand, such as the writings of S. Bonaventura, Gerson, Denis the Carthusian, Blosius, Grenada, Stella, Arias, Pinella, Da Ponte, Avila, the Spiritual Combat, the Confessions of S. Augustine, S. Jerome’s Epistles, or the like; and daily read some small portion attentively, as though you were reading letters sent by the Saints from Paradise to teach you the way thither, and encourage you to follow them. Read the Lives of the Saints too, which are as a mirror to you of Christian life, and try to imitate their actions according to your circumstances; for although many things which the Saints did may not be practicable for those who live in the world, they may be followed more or less.
St. Francis De Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life.  Book 24, Chapter 17.
I've neglected the Saints for much of my life.  Yesterday, while listening to Catholic Radio, I was reminded of how great a gift they are to us.  So I prayed to St. Francis de Sales, and this is where he pointed me.  Go figure.
This quote is very interesting.  it was written written for the purpose of advising people on how to live devoutly, by a man who eventually became a Saint and Doctor of the Church,  It would seem like he knew what he was talking about.
If you want to learn how to live for Christ, a great way is to learn from those who have actually done it.  Not those who have just talked about it, or maybe held the appearance of it, but of whom, upon a detailed examination of their lives, the Church has said -- "this is how you do it."  On top of that, he gives us a list of people and writings that were very useful to him, in his own spiritual development.  That's top-flight advice, better than any I'll ever be able to give.
They are here to help us, to serve us.  They have given us great writings to help light our way.  We can see the light of God in their lives as we read about them.  And the best part is ... that they stand ready to aid us as we walk to the Lord.


  1. Our society is so into celebrity worship when emulating the saints would be better for all

  2. Agree on celebrity worship.

    For me, the most powerful message from the Saints is that it's "worth it" to strive for perfection. We weren't redeemed to just go on doing the same old thing, and we weren't redeemed to be resigned that we're doomed to be sinners. We were redeemed to conform to God's will and to become his instruments.

    The Saints have shown that for 2,000 years.


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